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I'm Back!.....sort of.

Its been a crazy New Year for me. The Elections Crisis in Kenya had me in a trance for the last 2 weeks. Its unfortunate that democracy is being so undeniably subverted. Its also unfortunate that the truth is not rising to the surface fast enough. I hope we will get our dear country back from the axis of evil (whoever they may be). But I hope most the poor people those who live in the slums and in extreme poverty will have reason to believe again that their vote is the only weapon they have. Its sad that even that has been spat on. Why vote if the winner is pre-determined?

Anyway, I will resume posting my Afropolitan web-treats, and hope that things will change.  As I am in the US and this is an amazing election year, look for more Obama posts as well.  I will try and give updates on the situation in Kenya as much as I can. This has also renewed my strength in grassroots organizing and activism, so I'll try and share more pan-African groups along those lines.


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