I remember when Gwyneth Paltrow's Ad in Vanity Fair for AIDS awareness first came on, I was pretty astonished that someone greenlighted this.  It seems like in the world of campaigns for Africa, anything goes. Well, I stumbled upon this little retort, complete with a rebuff message.  Its both smart and funny and shows how even though Paltrow is claiming to be African, she won't have to deal with all the unfun stuff like poverty, disease [insert calamity here]. She'll just wipe off the paint when she's done with the shoot and peace.  I like this quote from Alternet article in my previous post about Race:

"...it's easy for white hippie-hipsters to wear keffiyehs, because they
would never be mistaken as a terrorist. Or groove to Tupac's music
without ever fighting against poverty or the prison system. But what,
both literally and figuratively, are we buying into?"             




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  • Posted by The Afropolitan Network::: on January 18, 2008

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  • Posted by pia on December 31, 2007

    great post. more please!

  • Posted by All Things Bright and Beautiful on January 08, 2008

    hmmm, alternet, you make a good point………..

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