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Tomorrow is the first day of the Africa Cup of Nations, probably the most exciting time in African Sports.

Here's a look at the schedule of matches and a link to Africast, a site that allows streaming video of African News and Movies, usually in real time. I'd like to add that Africast is pretty amazing and this is pretty much how many Kenyans abroad kept in tune with news during and after the Elections Crisis.

Another interesting part of this tournament is that it pulls a lot of star players from the elite European clubs such as Didier Drogba of Chelsea, Sam Eto'o of Barcelona, Kolo Toure of Arsenal and Mahamadou Diarra of Real Madrid, to name a few, go back to Africa to participate. Its said to be frustrating for the coaches who see it as "loosing" their players. All I can say is:

Hey, you gotta represent!

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