Some of Haiti's Poor Eat Dirt to Stay Alive


I had seen this somewhere else on the web, but caught it again on Stereohyped:


Original AP article:

Why do we allow this to happen? Again, I think of Madonna's $10,000/month Kabbalah water. Lucky Jeans...ouch

I'm gonna find more orgs to list under my "Take Action" link which is dreadfully anemic.

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  • OMG. Shocking news here. I pity this people,

    sports bars on
  • Reality really bites! I am very sad about the photo portrays poverty of the people.

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  • Hi Beve, I thought you might find this link interesting:

    Mary-Laure on
  • I can remember as a kid growing up in Barbados we used to make mud pies believing we were having lunch. But this is reality, and a sad one at that.

    BarbadosInFocus on
  • you start to wonder what is really being done in haiti…and for me, begs the question of aid or ?…for how long will haiti continue as the poorest nation in this hemisphere?…very disheartening…

    guerreiranigeriana on

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