Next President of the United States



Congratulations to Senator Obama for a Clean Sweep in Washington, Nebraska, Louisiana and the  Virgin Islands.

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  • Whoa! Such hatred, pia and who cares. Interesting.
    Great pic! And congrats to Senator Obama.

    Sula on
  • Yeah “who cares” does exist. Well anyway, Obama has said there will be cynics from day one.

    Beve on
  • Obama/Odinga supporters love haters, they keep us motivated : ).
    I see this picture and I can’t help but compare it to the one of President Bush, when he’s ‘reading’ to the school children and first finds out about 9/11.
    I find this picture to be far more appropriate. And adorable. Not gonna lie.

    Natasha on
  • does ‘who cares’ actually exist?! unbelievable.

    pia on
  • Celebrations all ‘round, as it is also someone fabulous’ birthday!! Happy Birthday Beve!!! px

    pia on
  • He will notsee the presidency even for a day just like hos cousin raila. Just dream on

    who cares on

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