Ok, as many at home and abroad may already know its an election year in the US and even though the mainstream media (MSM) is operating under the rules of osmosis, I thought I'd present some of my favorite Political blogs for checking (and rechecking every 3 mins!) political news in the States and abroad:

  • Huffington Post - Created by Arianna Huffington, its probably one of the most powerful political blogs on the net.
  • Talking Points Memo by Josh Marshal - Excellent commentary on the days campaign events
  • Comment is Free - Good in general, for international current affairs, but they also have a US Elections 2008 section thats pretty sweet
  • My Direct Democracy - This is a new discovery for me through the current campaign season, I like their focus on State politics as well.
  • AlterNet - Pretty liberal news site/online community that always teaches me something new.
  • Raw Story - Like its name, is headlines that matter, no frills.
  • Ezra Klein - 23 year old Ezra Klein at The American Prospect has amassed quite a bit of knowledge in his brain and eloquently shares it.


Award for Best International Comments Section goes to:

  • The Times - The tried and true Times newspaper's online edition has such an interesting mix of international commenters on its articles as evidenced here.
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