Stoned Cherrie and Fred Eboka


I like these two designers. Once again, exquiste work being done in Afro-Chic design. There's South African Nkhensani's Stoned Cherrie brand. Here's a piece on it by Mimi MagazineStoned_cherrie

And Nigerian Fred Eboka's line:

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  • That first photo….I really like. Especially the fact that the model is in glasses.

    Sera on
  • i like these toooo!!!!!!!!!….fashion, yay!!…

    guerreiranigeriana on
  • Yes I absolutely Looooooove Afro-Chic fasion, its the best thing since sliced bread! Hence I might be dabbling it fashion myself stay tuned for details!

    Beve on
  • Very cool site. I love the layout. I would like to feature black designers doing organic or sustainable clothing on my website. Can you give me some leads? My site promotes sustainable living from a black perspective.

    G Johnson on

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