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The 7 Most Beautiful Designs in Nature

I was thinking this morning about life and how things came to be. I realized that if you look at nature and all of life, you see that it almost seems like there is a complicated piece of computer source code behind it. 

You can see the output of variables, algorithms, and graphics. All in nature! I think that's amazing. To me, all this connotes that there is a programmer behind all that we see.  

What fascinated me about this thought is that design starts in nature. A pretty dress, a cute bag, a stylish earring all start from what the designer sees with their eyes. So in honor of nature and all intelligent design, drumroll.....here are my: 

Top 7 Most Beautiful Designs in Nature! (all of which are found in Africa, I might add)

1) The Peacock

There's a reason why the saying goes "as proud as a peacock". Few things in nature rival the majesty of the peacock. They look too delicate to do anything but parade. In fact, it was only recently that I learned they can actually fly! Who knew!?

2) Zebra Print

Zebra print is so wonderful because of its simplicity. Yet it's quite deceptive because its not just black and white stripes as it appears. There are curvatures and corners and bends to every stripe. I love it!

3) Giraffe Print

The giraffe print is a beautiful print indeed. It's a pattern that looks like a work of modern art. I love the contrast of the light border around dark pentagon-like shapes. There are up to 9 different subspecies with a variation of this pattern. And you thought all giraffes looked alike.

4) Trees

If there's one word I'd use to describe a tree its graceful. They are so tall and menacing yet they do not make a single sound (except when their leaves rustle). I love how their limbs reach out like outstretched arms. Amazing. And their leaves look like hair from far away!

5) Flowers and Leaves


Nothing showcases beauty like a flower. Its sole purpose, it seems, is to be pretty

6) Kingfisher

Our second bird entry, the Kingfisher. I first came across this bird when I was looking up birds that hover (yes one of my various nerdy pursuits hehe). It is found on all the continents except Antarctica, and is a master fisher (hence the name). I love everything about this bird, but what I like most is that it has a rainbow of colors on its small body, perfectly placed.  

7) The Butterfly


The Butterfly is an amazing design, with its colors and shapes. I like it because of its perfect symmetry. Someone had to think that up.

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  • All inspiration comes from nature right?


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