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Interesting article about services for the billions of poor people in developing countries.

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Nov 10 2007 | 0 comments

Visual Poetry -

So I want this site to be a means of highlighting blogs, people, organizations, companies, etc. that are are thinking outside the current discourse when it comes to Africa. I'll especially feature different blogs, articles and links on the web that offer fresh and complex outlook on what lies ahead. I'll start with blogs because its always good to link to a fellow blogger.

First Up:
Afirca is Ready for Business: a great business site that has lots of links concerning African enterprise. Its pretty dope and there's lots on here that I'm sure many Afropolitans haven't seen. Check it out! Good read.


Nov 10 2007 | 1 comments

Oakland, CA --- Yes! This blog is debuting as a call to arms for those of us of African descent, globally especially, in the cradle of mankind. Let’s shine the light on the uplifting and highlight the immense beauty
and creativity that exists in Africa.  Let’s be Doers and movers and not
pointers and loiters. So to all black nerds, hipsters, Kenyan expats, half black, outcasts, incasts, too smart, too radical, sublime, subprime, over achievers, slackers, lazybones, crybabies, baby-mamas, thinkers, socialites, those who fight, and those who can’t be bothered, Africa's future is already here.

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