African Designer of the Week

Wangari Kamau of Umba Creations works with women in Kenya to craft these adorable little dolls. Mwenzi the girl and Wema the boy and their friend Teddy make up the family of Rafiki (friend in Kiswahili) dolls.

Each doll comes with a little note of "things passed on" to a child such as "be patient", "help others" and "be thankful". These sweet toys make the perfect gift for your next baby shower invite or for the little one in your life. 

"l started crocheting to make toys that people can use to speak into the lives of children and pass on a blessing to them. Each toy comes with a set of blessing cards which the parents or guardians can use to bless their children on a daily basis. The hope is that the kids will keep these dolls and pass them on to their children or others and say 'these blessings were spoken over me'" 

-Wangari Kamau

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