House of Rubi

House of Rubi House of Rubi is a design house by Tenneh Wilkins, a women’s wear fashion designer who utilizes fashion to pay homage to world culture. She spent her childhood years in her parent’s native country Monrovia, Liberia. There she watched her jet-setting mother adorn herself in exotic West African robes, Moroccan fabrics and European fashions.

She emulated her mother through crayon illustrations of lavishly ornamented dresses. Her mother and socialite Aunt Rubitha inspired the name “House of Rubi”. Tenneh’s ultimate goals are to travel around the world, capture creativity and utilize her fashion brand to share her discoveries with everyone! She also will create a school of arts in her parents’ homeland, Monrovia, Liberia. Tenneh lives by her motto ”Culture, Confidence, Creativity”.