New Afropolitan Show!

This comes from Ya Ma'Afrika:

"Created, written and directed by Thato Rantao Mwosa,
"Ya Ma'Afrika" is a fictional drama show that fuses the lives of 4
African women living in New York City and highlights the cultural
experiences, contradictions and challenges of African women living in
the West. In the show, Yetunde, Kui, Chipo and Welisane are housemates
from all corners of Africa with different backgrounds. The show
captures the cosmopolitan side of Africans, rarely shown on TV in the
"Ya Ma'Afrika" celebrates the diversity of talented actors from all
over Africa and the Diaspora. The show's dynamic cast includes
Zimbabwean poet U-Meleni Mhlaba, as Kui; A talented Noro Ejaita from
Nigeria, as Yetunde; A celebrated Zimbabwean actor Nomsa Mlambo
(Everyone's Child) as Chipo and Cameroonian actor/model Yana Bille, as
The cast also includes a published writer/model/actor Erickka Sy
Savane; An award winning Congolese-American poet and author Omekongo; A
celebrated Jamaican playright and actor David Heron; A model/actor who
has been featured in international style magazines Souleymane Sy Savane
from Ivory Coast,; S. Atibon Nazaire, a Hatian American actor who has
starred in award winning films; A talented theater actor Nate
Steinwachs and an outstanding Orville McCarter who also has a theater
Other actors include face of Maybelline Yomi Abiola, Haitian American
Prague Roberts and the current Miss Zimbabwe-USA Makho Ndlovu. Else
Bollanga serves as the show's executive producer. Ya Ma'Afrika is
produced by Soundview Broadcasting situated in Queens NY.
The show will air on a satellite channel Telesud early June."




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