Our Story



Beverly Lwenya is the founder of The Afropolitan Shop, an African boutique online. The journey started in 2007 with The Afropolitan Network, initially a blog highlighting stories and images of the African Diaspora. She then went on to found The Afropolitan Shop in 2011 which today is a global brand specializing in designer handmade accessories like jewelry, bags, and shoes. The brand focuses on showcasing the diversity of African design, offering unique and quality pieces to a growing global audience. The evolution from a blog to a prominent online boutique reflects Beverly's commitment to promoting African creativity and craftsmanship.


The term "Afropolitan was first coined by Taiye Selasi in 2005, and is a blend of "African" and "Cosmopolitan," and encapsulates a unique sensibility, culture, and worldview of the African diaspora. The Afropolitan Shop embraces this concept to celebrate the prolific and imaginative handiwork of African designers and artisans, providing them access to the global market. Our mission is to merge African products and creativity with the Afropolitan experience shared by Africans worldwide.


When you shop at The Afropolitan Shop, you contribute to promoting artisans, producers, and their businesses, fostering a path toward a better future. Our diverse pool of designers includes those with established businesses and teams, as well as emerging talents leaving their mark with creativity.


The core mission of The Afropolitan Shop is to showcase these unique products and offer a global platform to local African designers. Join the Afropolitan movement and embrace an afro-chic style in your shopping experience!