Its stories like these that make me seriously seriously question our collective humanity. Like my other post, the poorest in Haiti eat dirt, while there is tons of food sitting en route, rotting and being devoured by beetles and cockroaches.  They should rush the airport and take the food. I mean what else is there to do? Haiti is a tiny island. It does not have the same logistical nightmare as trying to feed America, Russia or China, its an island.  Yet, the government is still red taped?

"Jean-Paul Michaud, a Canadian, said he sailed to the capital of Port-au-Prince
late last year carrying 60 pounds of donated clothing and medicine —
and that port authorities demanded $10,000 in "customs fees" — code for
a bribe to make the fees disappear."I'd have rather thrown the aid in the water," said Michaud. The Canadian Embassy intervened and the fee was later waived."





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