Music Monday

Review By Onerebelgun
Not by favoritism but Kenna Zemedkun is by far the
most underrated artist of our generation, not conforming to any musical
standards he wields the musical blade of Excalibur in the realms where
he is comfortable with the help of Chad Hugo.  If your a musical explorer
you will surely love this musical adventure as he mixes hiphop, rock, pop
and r and b into one amazing sonic yet futuristic sound that will reach
other generations light years from now.  Make sure they see my face or
face for short gives you reason to love Kenna's musical attributes but
also disappointing for Kenna die hard fans who aptly play his first
album New sacred cow which is phenomenal and beyond
anyones musical experience in terms of production and honesty on
words. Face is an endless journey from Daylight to wide awake so open your hearts and ears, play it, let it blare and distort your speakers, it will be worth it I promise.

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