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Bolt by Mike Blake Reuters

I had not been watching the Olympics at all this year, just not really jazzed by any particular event or competition. Then, I opened my firefox browser one day, and saw that some kid had just broken a world record in the 100m dash.  Big deal, I thought, records fall all the time, and after Phelps 8 medals I thought the last thing I want to watch is more herofication. But after seeing the news on every major newspaper, I decided to watch the race. What a treat! Usain Bolt astounded everyone.  Then did it again a couple days later and won the 200m race. To quote Tom Fordyce of the BBC Olympic's blog "19.30 seconds? Jaws dropped. Gobs were smacked, flabbers were gasted."

Veronica Jerry LampenAs if that wasn't enough, the women had to out do the men, with Veronica Campbell-Brown winning Gold in 200m

Melaine Walker

Melaine Walker winning Gold in 400m Hurdles, (with braces on her teeth and a Mohawk, very cool!)

Shelly-annShelly-Ann Fraser winning Gold in 100m

123(and Jamaica going 1-2-3 with Silver and Bronze in that race).


All I can say is it looks like the era of British and American domination of Track and Field is nearing its sunset. 

Check out the celebration going on in Jamaica


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