Rafiki African Dolls

Rafiki Dolls

I started crocheting to make toys that people can use to speak into the lives of children and pass a blessing to them.

-Wangari Kamau

These beautiful, stitched Rafiki Dolls are from Umba Creations started by Kenyan Wangari Kamau and her collective of women seamstresses. She explains, "Each toy comes with a set of blessing cards which the parents or guardians can use to bless their children on a daily basis. The hope is that the kids will keep these dolls and pass them on to their children or others and say 'these blessings were spoken over me.'" 

We all know how historically difficult it has been to find dolls of little black girls and boys. Now they are more accessible than ever. If you have or know a child, this would be the perfect gift. 

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