Hope & Heritage

Dear Afropolitans, 

As we all begin what is one of the busiest times of the year, we at The Afropolitan Shop are taking time to pause and give thanks for seven years in business! To commemorate this, we want to kick off our 7 Days of Sales event to celebrate--and it’s all thanks to you! 

The Holidays are all about spreading hope, love, and joy but also reconnecting with one’s roots, at home with family. That’s why as part of our sales event, we are also celebrating the gift of hope, heritage, and home. In our network, we feel that there are three kinds of people who are benefitting from this business: our designers, our customers (that’s you!), and us behind the scenes.

HOPE means a lot to us as a team. We feel that we gain hope for a better future for Africa from you, our faithful customers. Did you know that with every purchase at The Afropolian Shop you were being generous? As you purchase products, you confirm to our designers that you value them and their work. That means so much to us and to them and gives them hope to continue in their craft. 

With our products, we are building a bridge to home. We believe that in selling authentic African pieces our clientele, mostly black women from around the world, can reconnect to their roots and feel a new sense of HOME

And of course, HERITAGE. Collectively we are making a new heritage story about Africa. One that says that it produces beautiful things of value and worth. This is more than just a jewelry business; you are sewing into the heritage story of all those from the continent while building new links into the future. You are making a difference in the lives of so many while creating and getting great jewelry at the same time! 

The most impactful story I ever heard back about our jewelry was from a customer named Dana, she writes, 

“The Maridadi set is beautiful! When I received the set I literally cried tears. it is very well crafted and I think every woman should own this set. While wearing it I feel so connected so together and whole just from knowing the origin and skill put into this jewelry. Afropolitan shop has a lifelong customer in me.”

Thoughts of gratitude like these take my breath away and remind me that the hard work of being an entrepreneur is all worth it. For the hope, the sense of home, and beautiful heritage.

Peace and love,

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