South African designer debuts with Kushn

Owner of Kushn, Greer Valley

In the wide range of African handcrafts available, it can be difficult to find a good laptop bag. I've tried and tested a few with less than steller results. Que in Kushn pronounced "cushion", owned and operated by South African Greer Valley. Their laptop bags and ipad cases are an Afropolitan mix of African colors, textures and our ubiquitous i-gadgets. Kushn designs reflect a dynamic, colourful, robust and creative contemporary Africa with sleek genuine leather computer accessories. I almost jumped for joy when I found Greer's company online, and had a glimmer of hope that perhaps my laptop could now don an African made bag that wouldn't break. I was curious as to how Kushn got it start, so here's my short Q&A with Greer. Enjoy!

Q: What's the significance and meaning behind the name?
Kushn is short for Cushion. The idea is that we provide covers that cushion valuable items like laptops and ipads. Kushn is also a play on "text speak"

Q: What inspires your designs?
African cities, the colours, smells, textures.... I also love traditional african cloth and love that there is usually a story behind each peice

Q: Where is the workshop?
I work from my home studio, and we employ various leather artisans around Cape Town, South Africa to make the the products


Q: Did you study design or are you self taught?
I studied Architecture at the University of cape town.

Q: How long have you been doing this?
Kushn started in March this year [2011].

Q: What is your vision for the next few years?
I'd like to expand the range to include luggage and accessories and possibly move operations to another african country to experience a new way of making things. I'd also like to do a trip to different african countries to source interesting textiles to include into the range.


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