Our Story

The Afropolitan Shop is an African boutique online that was founded by Beverly Lwenya as a way to tell an African Design Story. It began as a blog in 2007 called The Afropolitan Network, which highlighted stories and images of the African Diaspora. The Afropolitan Shop is now a growing global brand specializing in designer handmade accessories such as jewelry, bags, and shoes.

What Does Afropolitan Mean? 

Afropolitan is a fusion of the words "African" and "Cosmopolitan,” and represents sensibility, culture, and a worldview. The Afropolitan Shop aims to celebrate African designers and artisans for their prolific and imaginative handiwork while giving them access to the global market. We do this by merging African products and creativity with the Afropolitan experience of Africans all over the globe.

Trade Not Aid

By shopping here, you not only help promote the artisans, producers, and their businesses, but you also provide support for a better future. At The Afropolitan Shop, our designers come from a variety of backgrounds. Some have been designing and selling their products for years and employ a team of producers, while others are just starting out and have already made a mark with their creativity.

The Afropolitan Shop's chief mission is to showcase their products and give a global platform to local African designers. Shop Afropolitan and look afro-chic!