Happy Birthday to Me! :) - 10 Memories to Celebrate

Yay! Its my birthday! I am doing my final lap in my twenties, so here are my top 10 favorite travel memories of my last decade. They are all travel memories, because I love to travel (!) and also to show that dreams come true. When I was young I used to dream of seeing the world and going to every continent. You can accomplish anything you dream. I never thought I'd see these places as a child; I just thought I'd experiance them only through TV. But God has allowed me to see the world, and for that I thank Him. 

10) My spur of the moment roadtrip to Mexico with friends Shira and Terina. Being from California it was just a drive away. Highlight was the crossing the border experience. 

9) My friend Ashley invited me to visit her family in Bermuda with her for Thanksgiving. My first Island trip, its such a beautiful island with a rich history.

8) My trip to China in 2002. It was a short school trip, but nothing short of wondrous! Highlight was climbing the Great Wall

7) My sister and I traveled across Europe in 2007. This was a highlight of my last 10 years. I loved our time with friends and family in London, where I used to call home. 

6) My shortest trip ever was to Ethiopia. I went to a whole country for 15 hours! But I was shown around by a sibling of a friend and had homemade njera and Ethiopian food....home made!!

5) Missions trip to Zambia. This was a highlight of 2010. I went with a church I was interning at called Mavuno. I love Lusaka! I hope to go back one day. 

4) 2008 trip to the Kenyan coast with my family. We went all over, ate and enjoyed family time.

3) Going to Australia to study film. It was the riskiest trip I've taken, not knowing anyone, but I made tons of friends and had an amazing 3 months. 

2) Visiting Maragoli in Western, Kenya last summer with my Mom. It was just awesome, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. And it was all for a good cause.

1) Finally visiting Paris and sitting at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Dreams do come true. 

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