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So far so good. I've had a really enthusiastic response to the blog, so I guess I'll keep at it! I've updated some links and there's hundreds more out there. I hope to have at least every region and or country (where there is a black presence, even if its the one guy/girl in the city!) in the world represented in some way, whether its through music (which is in the lead), a magazine, fashion, art, a designer of that heritage, or whatever. It'll be interesting to try and tricky when I get to the smaller Island countries, but if there's when think I know, Afropolitans are out there, and I'm gonna find them!


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  • Posted by pia jane bijkerk on November 13, 2007

    the beginnings of something beautiful, well done. looking forward to seeing this blog develop and already, i am wishing i was an afropolitan!! well i am on the inside :-)

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