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Chinese and African Relations

Here's an interesting podcast from American Public Media; it appears some Chinese entrepreneurs are experiencing tensions with local Lesotho. 

"How do you draw foreign investment without driving your own citizens out of business? Lesotho's
business leaders say the government should train local entrepreneurs to
compete as the global economy comes to their doorstep. Thabang Mokatse
is with the Lesotho Chamber of Commerce. 

'If no steps are being taken, in no time, the whole economy will be in the hands of the Chinese.'


As there continues to be more investment in Africa by the Chinese, I think this potential tension is something that governments need to look into and educate all stakeholders (we'll see how that goes).

I also see a little resemblance here to the tensions between Korean Businesses in African American neighborhoods (especially in LA) in the States.  There is also a tinge of the same "them invading our borders" paranoia seen in the US against Mexicans. But there is also some truth in some Basotho small business being undercut by the influx of Chinese business. I can already see this being a slippery slope.

Give it a listen, its only about 5 mins. Thanks to AltNigeria Log for the info.





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  • I got here via muti.co.za on Twitter @muti and it was a good stumble indeed ;)
    with a global village meme and ICT enabling all to be connected it is important for these issues to be highlighted
    what will be the sensible thing to do? Trade barriers; duties, subsidies? Every culture wants to be top of the food chain; my own indigenous khoisan culture is being overwhelmed by forces seemingly too overwhelming to cope with? Where is the resources gonna come from to house, clothe, feed, educate and provide work for such a massively overpopulated region?
    Now who is supposedly overwhelmed by global cultural forces? What is the UN’s stance on genocide and the smothering of a people out of existence and history?

    Mario Olckers

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