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Boy Builds Windmill to Power House!

Amazing, isn't it? The title alone? These are the kind of kids that need heavy mentoring and investment (although it looks like he's pretty bright!).  If you couple this, plus the views of 35 year old Economist James Shikwati, one begins to see why the future of Africa is not Aid in Africa but "Made in Africa"....hmmm that's kinda catchy. You read it hear first!

Viva les entrepreneurs!


  • Terrific! I too felt compelled to shine the spotlight on William on the Afro Beat. This is truly inspiring, that without much training/ quality education, he was able to get up and do this. Necessity/Frustration really is the mother of invention. Thanks for another great post!

  • oh, and yes, i second all the other comments on “Made IN Africa”…we heard it here first!

  • I LOVE THIS POST!!!! this is brilliant beve, what a champion this guy is!! i am going to have to post about this post, it just makes my heart sing, melt, jump. talk about handmade to the core!! and that slogan you mentioned, i’m taking it for us! So everybody out there, get your hands off! And hear it here first – africa is about to become HOT. I have some great posts coming up on more african designers. GO AFROPOLITANS.

    pia jane bijkerk
  • hi.“made in africa” i love the sound of that.The day i see taht all over the place, ill remember you


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