Guest Blogpost: My Sister!

I'm introducting a new segment where I have guest bloggers. So to kick it all off, he's my kid sister Natasha's post. She'll be the new Afropolitan Music Critic, because she's the most astute and wide ranging taste in music of anyone I know. *Drumroll*

By Natasha Lwenya

, an up and coming Indie Pop ensemble can only be described as a
retro breath of fresh air. Don’t let their name fool you, they’re
anything but blood sucking, and can be listened to any day of the week.
In a time where most new bands strive to be different and, in the
process, end up sounding exactly the same, Vampire Weekend gathers
inspiration from around the globe and creates music that is light and
appealing. Hits like “Mansard Roof”, “Oxford Coma”, and “M79” conjure
images of fantasy lands, while “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” and “Bryn”
demonstrate the Western African influence the band proudly claims.

I think the main reason that Vampire Weekend is a fabulous new listen is
because they choose to unite Africa with music in a way that isn’t for
a charity show or personal gain. While Africa is facing issues that
need to be overcome, it also has an extremely rich history in the arts
that is often overlooked. I commend Vampire Weekend for incorporating
the beautiful rhythms and themes of African music in a way that people
from all cultures can appreciate. Here’s a video of the group
performing “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” live for an MTV Spankin’ New

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