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  • I would say that Dr. Farley’s explanations at first glance seem a little off putting, but upon closer examination I understand his weakly stated point.
    I think the goals and efforts of MLK’s works have failed in many ways. I believe that Dr. Farley’s expression and judgments regarding those failures or off because he mistakenly targets MLK for his entire actions and he fails to acknowledge the social climate of the time in which MLK lived. Lest we forget that MLK was assassinated, that means that he was murder. The assassination took place long before the day that MLK assembled the national press and had a conference stating that his goals had been reached, this is a fact that Farley fails to remember.
    The fact is that MLK before his death began it see that his Dream had become a nightmare. And, in my opinion this realization is the point in which Dr. Farley’s discussion ought to have begun.
    Unlike Dr. Farley the failures that I can see do not stem directly from the genesis of the Civil Rights Movement or MLK, they are more so directed toward the next generation. The generation that allowed its history to be written by someone else’s pen, a pen that created a mythology that asserts that the fight had been won, the Dream had been realized…THE END!!! Stop fighting, take your hero and sit down.
    The thing that I think we can all take from Dr. Farley is that we should re-visit this national “herofication” of Martin Luther King, Jr., analysis the movement and reach our own self produced judgments and criticisms.

    Shira Crawford
  • I’m going to read the article in The Guardian.
    I heard such terrible news on the radio about Kenya… I’m thinking of my nanny and her family (they’re Luaus) and hoping with all my heart they are doing ok.
    I’m heartbroken.
    What can be done, Beve?

  • Violence begets violence, so I wouldn’t use the example too loosely. However, I do know that Civil Rights over Human Rights/Dignity/Recognition was the beginning of the downfall for people in this country. You cannot politically LEGISLATE freedom, or Human Recognition. While I wouldn’t say to strike the first person you see, I would say that our current system in all of its meticulous intricacies makes it hard to identify a single tyrannical force as Oppressor, and in the same breath labels each of us as complicit victims. Yet, are we to hold hands singing we shall overcome when we are still mistreated and recognized as “Other” than Humans?
    This system must be eradicated, and if any who knowingly and whole heartedly support its evils would defend its persistence, they have to be dismissed, as well.
    This is the consequence of social friction, and although we would love to honor an altruistic sentiment, the fact is, there will always be friction. How can we negate the absolute value of the individual or even the masses over the ascension of the wealthy and tyrannical few?

    Ennis O. newman

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