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Renowned Zimbabwean Sculptor Dominic Benhura

"'My motivation for being a stone sculptor
is the love of it," Benhura says. "Somewhere in my heart I always felt
that stone was my future.'

Founder of the Harare-based Dominic's
Studio that houses at least 30 male and female sculptors, Benhura says,
"I am one of those people who have been lucky enough to spend the
better part of my life doing what I enjoy." -ArtMatters



beautiful art:


Baby Steps
by Dominic Benhura

 Twins by Dominc Benhura



[title unknown]



  • dominic has done us proud as blacks from a humble background. keep it up dominic.

  • I love this man’s Works to Bits!! Wow check out the twins..I got twin Girls, and will definately get them this Sculpt for their birthday!! Dommie this is faboulous..keep on Kipin Man!!

  • I see my fellow countryman is still doing his thing! Thanks for showcasing him. You are doing a great job uplifting Africans….for us by us

  • wow!!…his work is amazing…i love, love the baby steps one…so tender and endearing…makes me want my own now so i can share such moments…thanks for blogging about him…i added you my roll too…your blog is very informative…love it…


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