Let's Rock and Blogroll! (ok that's a cheesy title, I know)

On embarking on this Afropolitan journey, I have entered into the incredibly enriching, educational and change-inspiring world of the black blogosphere. There are perhaps thousands of black bloggers out there who write about issues that concern them and the community. So I want to start a spotlight feature on the new ones I add. Here are some to start:

This is more so a website, than a blog, but it has superb articles especially on the Kenya Elections and the Post-Election Crisis, that I would say is unrivaled by other blogs


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    Sphere Magazine a sleek,  culturally relevant take on black culture as well as global issues that effect college students and young people, created by the multi-talented Adrian Hopkins who I am proud to know.
  • 1[Nigeria/US]
    Uduak Oduok's Ladybrille "or the African woman in the West who is educated and globally conscious of fashion trends and styles," and Yaya Marieba's CosweareAfricanwomen.... are the places to go for African fashion. I am continually impressed at these ladies and their sense of style. Plus both have a built in loyal readership.


*photo by Arun Nevader



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    And perhaps the quirkiest and most fun blog I frequent Black Nerds Network. Just by looking at the logo you can tell....Its just fun!

Stay tuned for the next installment of.....Let's Rock and Blogroll!




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