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Obey the Giant

Here is the site of the guy who made those ubiquitous (my new favorite word) Obama graphic icons that you see all over Facebook. Barackhopeposter


Its called Obey the Giant (thanks to Jamhuri Wear blog for that) and I love the tag "Manufacturing Dissent Since 1989". Classic. Here's some stunning pieces from the renowned artist behind the work Shepard Fairey:




  • very cool.

  • ubiquitous (my new favorite word)
    That is a good one. When I first learned it, I understood it to mean “appearing suddenly, as if from nowhere.” Only later did I learn its more familiar definition.
    There was a saxophone player named Klem who was well-known in Providence, RI, back when I was in the music scene there. He sat in with a lot of bands, tended bar at the one of the big nightclubs, like that. The local alt-weekly mentioned him in a wrap-up of the some battle of the bands type of event, referring to him as “the ubiquitous Klem.”
    Shortly afterward, a caricature of him appeared as graffiti on the men’s room wall of the nightclub where I worked. Underneath, one word: ubiquitous.
    Which may explain why I’ve been able to remember that word, at least.


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