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So I've been weighing whether to have more commentary on the US Elections here, the con being that this isn't really a political a blog and the pro being that I love this stuff, and that one of the candidates happens to be "Afropolitan" (although I'm not sure if he would agree/like that term or not). So I've come to the conclusion that since this is my blog I'll do as I please! Ok, well not anything crazy.

But I've just been inhaling every bit of news on the primaries/caucuses and would like to throw in my 25 cents worth (now that I'm 25).  This decision also on the heels of endorsing Obama for president.

First thing's first, is he electable? I think yes. For many reasons, the most important being that Clinton divides, he unites. It's kinda that simply.  Second, he has a built in energizer bunny electorate. They are going with him straight to November.  If he is does not win the nomination, many will stay home feeling disenchanted yet again (for what it's worth I'll grudgingly vote for Clinton). However, if he wins the nomination, her  voters will most likely  flow to Obama. I haven't heard anyone say  that they will stay home if Obama is the nominee but I heard plenty say they will abstain from voting if Hilary gets the nod. That's not good for Dems.

Third, honestly, if you put Obama v McCain, he can out campaign him. We already see that McCain is largely being forced onto conservatives (most of the people who would vote for McCain are Democrats, Independents or moderate republicans).  Everyone else is flocking to Huckabee.  Baring an unforeseen accident or good old fashioned rigging, Obama looks likely to win in 2008. I will refer back to this post in November and see if I was right or if I was fatefully (yes there will be blood) wrong.


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