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  • Will we continue to be complicit in this system of capitalistic oppression?

    Ennis O. Newman
  • Ennis,
    Yes I agree, but who is more likely to edge us closer to that reality that you speak of:
    Clinton, Obama or McCain. I agree with you that none of these guys are a beacon of light. I support Obama b/c he is actually the best politician AND candidate for president. You can’t be a president w/o being a politcaion and expecting leaders of such magnitude to be untouched by outside interests is pure folly. This has never happened in the history of mankind.

  • i received this video by email yesterday. powerful…i nearly cried.

  • It is more than obvious these media outlets are participants in the propagandistic upkeep of the status quo. By nature, I distrust ALL political figures, and while many see Obama and Clinton as beacons for a revolutionary period in this “America’s History,” I would err on the side of caution. All political candidates spew forth rhetoric. It’s the biggest component of their job. When they claim to have “championed this” or “fought for that’” they’re really saying their lobbying constituents persuaded them to vote a certain way.
    If you really want to be a part of a monumental period, we have to come up with a system where a disproportionate amount of people in this country are not grossly poor.
    There has to be a redistribution of wealth, and democratic capitalism has to be “altered or abolished,” as we all are victims of this regime. But many will say No! to such thoughts, thus, we remain complicit victims by an oppressive system, because no one wishes to subvert the dominant paradigm. We are spoiled here, and until we are ready to BURN it ALL DOWN…we shall continue to bicker and suffer as we do. So, Vote, and Be Merry in your complicit servitude, good people of the West.
    Live Free, or Die Well.

    Ennis O. Newman
  • Wow! Obama is already being quoted for his words of wisdom. This is beautiful and so is your blog. I’ll definitely be back.

    Stephen Bess

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