Let's Rock and Blogroll! Caribbean Style

Ok, here is the second edition of Let's Rock and Blogroll! This time I'm gonna focus on the Caribbean. Definitely need to do more posts around West Indian/Caribbean culture so here's what I've got:

blog that's doing great work to keep the media free and open in Barbados that is "designed from the start to be an Open Intelligence Database:
a valuable tool for anyone who needs an insider’s knowledge of
Barbados, the people and the invisible networks that often impact life,
politics and investments here on the island.
As the months and years pass, Barbados Free Press will become a
major resource for those who love Barbados, and like us, believe that
knowledge, transparency and accountability are fundamental to a healthy
democracy. ("It's also the first Caribbean/West Indian blog on my site.


To say that Nicaholas seems well-read is an understatement. His blog is includes book reviews, essays, awards and as he says "questions, discoveries, complaints..."


"Human Action...Not Political Design". This blog has several authors and its main goal is "add to the debate and war of ideas in the Bahamas" 



"Hi, I used to write a column for the Sunday Herald (Jamaica) called
Style and Passion. Had to give it up when the subeditor changed the
word 'Bollywood' to 'Hollywood' in my last column. Now I'm looking
forward to life without editors in this blog, Active Voice...which i
hope you'll tell others about."


"I write about Puerto Rico and interests as related to Puerto Rico
because I believe someone has to. I want My Island to become a
spearhead of progress, shedding its current malaise in favor of
world-class growth. I like technology, love learning, despise
politicians and absolutely loathe seeing Us fail because of them. I
write in English to reach both a smaller (local) and larger (global)
audience. If I had My choice, this blog would be required reading for
everyone over the age of 12."


This lady has been blogging since 2002, thats decades in computer years! She is practically a veteran:
"To know me is to love me.
I may come over as being mature but am a child at heart.
Am a survivor.
I like the simple things in life and am concerned about issues that affect young women.
If I could I would eradicate all instances of child abuse.
I worry about HIV and its effects on a generation
Am addicted to chocolate but its not reflected in my size.
I can also be very moody so tread carefully."


This is a new Friday feature, so stay tuned for the next week's edition!!









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