Still "Whites Only" Places in South Africa??

I saw this in the Times UK today and was stunned. 14 years after the official end of apartheid and there is a school, University of the Free State, that is just now integrating?? Just checked my calendar, and yup its still 2008. Amazing. What's even more shocking is that the is a disturbing video out showing white students forcing black workers to drink "contaminated" soap and eat dirty meat that is causing an uproar. 

I have a question though, why would the janitors listen to the kids?? There must be an unbelievable sense of powerlessness on one side and privilege on the other for this equation to go down. Some of the workers were elderly. Sad. Here is a direct quote from a white student protesting the integration:

upon a time the boere (Afrikaners) lived peacefully here on Reitz Island,
until one day when the lessa dvantaged discovered the word ‘integration’ in
the dictionary,” a resident of the men’s hostel says."


Unbelievable. Again, this happened a few days ago, not in 1942.   


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