The Princess and The Frog Trailer


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  • wow, nice to see people appreciating a classic in my opinion ! :)

    Denisse on
  • I personally loved the trailer. The movie wasn’t that big of a hit but still it was ok… But I like the transition they did from old cartoons to the new ones

    Jonathan O. on
  • very nice story, i love that thing , it’s like watching a bedtime story :d

    Donna on
  • Thank you for sharing trailers !! I just went through your shared trailers and really enjoyed it. The movie is looking interesting. If I am not wrong it is family movie that you must watch with your family.

    The Princess and the Frog ( 2009 ) on
  • That was just a sweeeeeet movie ! I enjoyed every bit of it !

    Janie on
  • i think The princess and the frog is really perfect and i like to watch it again. may be it is rare to feel some one’s to watch one movie again and again. but if the plot is great all movie lovers will feel to watch it over again. so i also watch The princess and the frog movie because it goes around strong theme.

    wiona on

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