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Meet the Kenyan Entrepreneur Cashing in on Invasive Plant

Posted by Edwin Lisamira on

Meet Michael Otieno, The Kenyan Entrepreneur Cashing In On Water Hyacinth. "Lake Victoria is in a sorry state because of the hyacinth, we are trying to do something about it," Michael Otieno tells me as we walk into his business premises in Mambo Leo, Kisumu county where he makes paper from the stubborn weed. Otieno is the founder and CEO of Takawiri Enterprises Limited. Established in 2006, the enterprise produces unique handmade stationery and craft items from water hyacinth. Some of their products include folders, envelopes, notebooks, seasonal cards, gift bags, and paper lamp shades. "I am trying to offer...

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Reflection on Commentary on Westgate Attack

Posted by Beverly Lwenya on

I wrote this 6 years ago soon after the Westgate attack in Kenya. In light of recent events, I'm choosing to reshare it.  September 24th, 2013----- Beverly Lwenya, founder of The Afropolitan Shop's reaction to the terrorist attack on westgate mall in Nairobi Kenya.;_ylt=A2KLOzKsyUFSBAoAqUDQtDMD COMMENTARY | NAIROBI, Kenya -- A somber yet determined mood hangs over Nairobi today in the wake of the horrific Westgate Mall attacks. It feels eerily like September 11, and as a Kenyan-American, I cannot help but notice the similarities. The reality is just now dawning on me that both my countries are at active...

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African Renaissance

Posted by beverlylwenya on

Its been amazing watching the progress on the continent the last few years. After being there for over a year, I was so impressed by the advances. I got to travel to Zambia, made a 15 hour visit of Adis Abbaba, Ethiopia and took a days long drive through a bao-boab filled valley in Tanzania. Wow. I'm back home in my other home California, but man I miss Africa! I miss the colors, the sounds, the cadence of people's voices, the fruit! Things are looking up for the Continent--no matter what you've been told. 

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