4 Insanely Beautiful Africa Shaped Earrings

In 2019, we have seen it all in fashion and accessories. Oldies but goodies are swiftly on the rise. Comfy and casual are back in style-- from oversized sweatshirts to denim jackets to biker shorts to athleisure. With the one-piece bathing suit and other 90s inspired styles making a comeback, the fashion world has clearly made a statement. And you should make a statement too! 

Everything changes. Trends come and go but jewelry will always remain. With all the mass-produced, cheap, flimsy jewelry that you find, aren’t you tired? Don’t you want something remarkable? Something that is made with love, something that has quality, style, and taste? Don’t waste your time anymore on mass-produced jewelry!

These products are beautiful representations and tokens from hard-working African artisans. These are authentic, distinguished pieces that you may not find anywhere else. The Afropolitan Shop is one of a kind place. 

If you’re not sold yet, check out some of our favorite Africa-inspired earrings of 2019: 

The Africa Earring 

The Africa Earring is straight from Kenya and the hands of our designer, Alex. The Africa Earring should be a staple in your wardrobe or jewelry box if it isn’t already. Brassy and smooth to the touch, this earring is a simple gold that will absolutely make you look sleek and chic. This earring is a concave shape that will certainly draw attention to your beautiful, God-given features. Either elegant or casual, this earring is both. It can be used to dress your look up or down, for a daytime event or a night on the town. 


Pro Tip: With this earring, go with a hair pulled back style to show off your face and to display those pretty dangling earrings. A bright red lip would also be a bold move with this earring of choice. 

The Maridadi Africa Earring

Another gold earring, The Maridadi Earring will have you looking both stylish and pretty-- which is the English translation of the Swahili word Maridadi (because you’re beautiful in more than one language, didn’t you know that?). This earring is similar to The Africa Earring yet is slightly more complex, gold in color and infinitely and intricately dotted in style. With moving dotted patterns in lines, this earring is more than what it looks like. These earrings are reminiscent of the many journeys that we take as individuals and collectively. As only they could be, these embossed grooves were perfected by hand. The top of the earring is also adorned with black beading to show some contrast. We promise this earring will not disappoint!

Pro Tip: This earring is a little more nuanced than the Africa Earring. Though both are beautiful, this may be the earring for you if you feel you are slightly more complex than the rest. Since it’s a beautiful gold and dotted pattern, this earring can be worn in all seasons. There is no expiration date on earrings. 

The Mbao Wooden Carved Earring 

This earring is different from the first two. The Mbao Earring is made of wood, cut and crafted carefully, of course. This earring is delicately and ornately hand-painted. This earring will add just the right combination of color and culture to any casual or neutral outfit that you have planned for the day. This earring can be purchased in either red, green, yellow, or blue. 

Pro Tip: Wear this earring with a neutral-colored outfit to add more flair to your look. These earrings are great for calling attention to the neck and mouth. So wear a simple gold necklace and some lip gloss to glam up your outfit even more. 

The Little Africa Earring 

Even though she is small and simple, this earring can still make a statement! These earrings are great for size-conscious jewelry lovers. If you look closely, you can see that there is an elephant delicately engraved carefully by hand on each earring. The Little Africa Earring is a subtle shoutout to the motherland. It can be worn very casually but still be a beautiful decoration to any outfit any day. 

Pro Tip: The Little Africa Earring requires a delicate wearer. These are sure to be the thing that you need to give you confidence in that board meeting, in your presentation or even just life confrontations. Never forget that statements can be simple and confidence always starts out small! 

Why Africa Shaped Earrings?

The shape of Africa is simply something else. This continent is one of the most unique on the planet in shape, size, climate, and location. Africa’s climate and vegetation consist of any and everything from rainforests to tropical deserts to grasslands and even Mediterranean. Laying on a single tectonic plate and balancing the equator, this continent is quite unlike any other. Africa shaped earrings are likewise unique. 

Some even say that the shape of Africa looks like the profile of an elephant (cute, huh? elephant selfie, anyone?) The Peninsula of Northeast Africa, or the Horn of Africa, named that way because it resembles the horn of a rhinoceros, includes the regions of Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and Kenya. The Horn of Africa is said to resemble the tusks of the elephant. That means that your Africa earrings are multidimensional and more than meaningful! 

Get a close up of a map of Africa and see for yourself!

Africa is a land of immeasurable talent and potential. To wear an African earring is more than just sporting some new jewelry. It is more than making a statement. When you wear Africa shaped earrings, you are connecting to a part of that land that births life and art every day. 

Where to Find Africa Shaped Earrings Them: 

Every single earring mentioned in this post is hypo-allergenic and nickel free. All can be purchased online at the store The Afropolitan Shop. Take a spin over to the Youtube Channel to watch founder, Beverly Lwenya, talk more about each earring. Also, check out our social media pages, links below: 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=tYCMd94qlPc 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theafropolitanshop/ 

Twitter: The Afropolitan Shop @AfropolitanShop 

Instagram: The Afropolitan Shop @afropolitanshop


Stop by our shop and feel empowered to wear your culture with pride! 

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