Lebron King Kong

When I first saw the new cover of Vogue with Lebron James and Gisele Bunndchen, it took me about 1.5 seconds to think it was offensive, then I realized that I thought it was offensive and tried to figure out why. Then when I couldn't put my finger on it (other than theres a big scary looking black man, mouth agape, grabbing a fragile looking bloned white woman reinforcing centuries-old fears of black men) I tried to convince myself that it really wasn't offensive. 

Then I saw this on the satire page on Huffington Post:












And I felt it was offensive again.


1) Why is his mouth open like he is about to swallow her? That alone would have changed the tone of the pic

2) Why is she in appearing to be just landing on the ground, perhaps she has just been tossed from over his shoulder. 

3) Its just bad composition.

update:  *sigh* here's another one -



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