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African Renaissance

Its been amazing watching the progress on the continent the last few years. After being there for over a year, I was so impressed by the advances. ...

Lebron King Kong

Lebron James King Kong Cover
When I first saw the new cover of Vogue with Lebron James and Gisele Bunndchen, it took me about 1.5 seconds to think it was offensive, then I real...

What does Afropolitan mean?

What does Afropolitan mean?

This is the article that started it all.

The much-forwarded article in The Lip Magazine is where the term "Afropolitan" was first coined by Taiye Selasi.  It's an insightful look at a culture and identity that is formed by the children of first-generation African immigrants to the West. Not completely African or American/British/French they are a complex fusion.


Sunrise Photo by Shiguang Zhao on Unsplash
Oakland, CA - November 10th, 2007  Yes! This blog is debuting as a call to arms for those of us of African descent, globally especially, in the cra...
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