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My Next Door Neighbor is a Vacant House

There's an amazing photo essay by Camilo Jose Vergara on Slate. Its about decaying paired houses in Camden, New Jersey. If you know anything about Camden, you know its one of the poorest/decaying cities in America. What he did was take pictures of homes that are paired but one is abandoned/vacant and the other is occupied. The contrast is incredible. Take a look:

(hit launch on the photo to see the slideshow)


  • Great to see someone love what they do!

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  • Just wanted to say a big huge CONGRATS on the book! I look forward to reading it, and I love your blog and your column. Can’t wait for the new blog

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  • Hey all,
    I remember seeing houses like this when I used to live in Philly and wondering….when did the war take place, how come I wasn’t aware of it, and how long would it be before the govt fixed up the houses?

  • Sounds like were my boyfriends brother lives. He lives in Buckeye and I swear every other house is vacant. Alot of investors purchased homes during the big home boom but now they are abandoning the properties. Its a great place to buy a forclosure. Take Care.

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