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The 7 Best African Beaded Necklaces to Buy

Posted by Morgan Robertson on

It’s Friday and you just got a paycheck, the sun is out, and you are feeling good! You know it’s time to treat yourself, so do it the right way: with a new piece of jewelry! Like the strong, confident woman you are, you deserve a little something special.  There is a plethora of jewelry out there for you to choose from. If you want something unique that draws the eye, you have come to the right place. This is a compilation of some of our, and others, most stunning beaded African necklaces: 1) Pendo Fringe Necklace  The Pendo Fringe Necklace...

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Summer Fun with Bright Colors

Posted by Beverly Lwenya on

The Afropolitan Shop debut collection is finally here! I had an amazing time working with artisans and producers to get everything just right. I tried to incorporate current spring neon trends as well. I realized that African jewelry is inseparable from color. So this first offering is bright, bright, BRIGHT! I look forward to designing more creations from The Shop.    

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