The 7 Best African Beaded Necklaces to Buy

It’s Friday and you just got a paycheck, the sun is out, and you are feeling good! You know it’s time to treat yourself, so do it the right way: with a new piece of jewelry! Like the strong, confident woman you are, you deserve a little something special. 

There is a plethora of jewelry out there for you to choose from. If you want something unique that draws the eye, you have come to the right place. This is a compilation of some of our, and others, most stunning beaded African necklaces:

1) Pendo Fringe Necklace 

The Pendo Fringe Necklace is a piece that you can’t help but fall in love with. This piece is aptly named because Pendo in Kiswahili means “love.” Get this piece for you if you love or someone else that you love! 

If you want something that is bold and beautiful, this necklace is for you. It’s a unique pairing of brass and beads and it’s perfect for late summertime. Say goodbye to summer with this bright piece that needs little embellishment. Pair with something neutral so that the color and the detail of the necklace will shine through!

2) Urembo African Beaded Choker 

The next piece that we would like to showcase is the Urembo African Beaded Choker. This piece is a bright, colorful option in both red and canary yellow. Urembo in Swahili means ‘beauty’ and this piece although much simpler than the Pendo Fringe Necklace is still a very beautiful accessory. 

For those of us who are hooked on accessorizing, there is no denying that this is a must-have African beaded necklace. Sturdy and well-built, this necklace will last the test of time. Necklaces like these are classics, staples, and statements all in one. 

3) Men’s African Map Wooden Beaded Necklace 

Who says boys can’t wear jewelry too? This product, found on Etsy, is a great masculine piece for that special man in your life whether that be your brother, father, husband, or son. This piece will allow them to proudly wear their country and culture around their neck! This piece is also very casual. Fashion, nowadays, allows us the opportunity to express ourselves how we want. Offered in red, tan, brown, black, and black and gold, this necklace is simple, affordable, and versatile. This necklace can be worn as a casual piece to the pool or the beach: fun for summer and for fall! Click on the link to check out this artist for more pieces like this! 

 4) Nefertiti African Beaded Necklace 

Crafted carefully by hand, the Nerftiti African Beaded Necklace is a great decorative piece of jewelry. This ornament necklace is perfect for nights out, dinner parties, and other fancy events. This necklace is offered in a neutral gray/silver-tone that you could use to mellow out a bright outfit. With gold accents, you can also pair with a black, white or gray piece of clothing. Don’t be afraid to even dress it down with a denim jacket. That would be a cute look! 

We promise that you will look absolutely regal in this piece fit for a queen!

4) Tumaini Necklace

The next beaded necklace on our list is the Tumaini Necklace. This necklace is very versatile. Offered in several colors such as white, red, black, navy blue, and baby blue, this necklace is a special piece. Tumaini means ‘hope’ in Kiswahili. Hope is something that we all need but what better way to remember that than by wearing it around your neck, literally. 

You also can never have too many Tumaini Necklaces (haha see what I did there?)! Buy one and give one to a friend! 

6) Urithi Necklace

Similar in style to the Tumaini Necklace, the Urithi Necklace is a simple beaded necklace but with a little something extra. For those of us who always want a little more and who go a little bit over the top, this necklace is for you. 

A simple black base with two more layers of beaded fun, this necklace is beautifully made. If you are still skeptical, one of our lovely customers and reviewers said, “This necklace is… GORGEOUS!! Pictures don’t do this necklace justice!” Thank you Tami B!

And we have to agree with her, it’s true. Pictures simply don’t do this one justice. This necklace will only enhance your natural beauty. See for yourself! 

7) BeadsBody Jewelry

And last but certainly not least, this piece is in a category of its own. This piece of jewelry can function as a necklace or shawl or showstopper!! If you have ever wanted to cover yourself in beading and gold from head to toe, then this is the piece for you. From Ghana, this piece is carefully hand-crafted with intricate gold beads and available in 1-2 weeks. 

What more can we say? This accessory speaks for itself.

Wear for a fancy dinner party, holiday or birthday! All eyes will be on you. That’s a guarantee. 

Out of all the beautiful African beaded necklaces out there to choose from, these are just some gorgeous pieces that caught our eye. Hopefully, you were intrigued as well!

We hope that this article has been useful to you in your quest for the extremely rare accessories for you. Every woman, like every piece of jewelry, is unique, and we want to help you find what best accentuates your natural beauty, passion, and personality. 

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** These accessories have been chosen according to sales, reviews, and personal favorites.

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