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We love bags here at The Afropolitan Shop! One of the most important bags you can have is one to keep your computer safe, secure and fab. Here our our collection of wonderful women's laptop bags and cases from South African design house Kushn


Leather Messenger and Laptop Bag

I lived in London as a child and I remember hearing and reading about the Royal Family, especially the young princes who are my age. So I, along with over a billion people, stood still for a day (or very early morning!) to watch a Royal wedding. 

We're now used to Kate. It's amazing to think that she's a worldwide celebrity now! 

Well I for one, love her style. Here's a countdown from Haper's Bazaar. 

 Kelly Clarkson's beautiful song in honor of orphanage in Zimbabwe and South Africa she supports. 

This is my favorite necklace from our shop! Its handmade and it takes quite a while to put together--I've seen it done! Have a look at the whole collection here.