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6 Stunning African Earrings Every Woman Needs

6 Stunning African Earrings Every Woman Needs
Your Guide to Buying African Earrings - (plus a secret cost-saving tip!)

Bookworm - Americanah

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
You've probably heard about or read this book already. In any case it makes an excellent addition to our first installment of Bookworm! Check out ...

Music Monday - Yuna!

Music Monday - Yuna!
We love Yuna! She was just in LA and according to my sister, she was awesome. Here's one of my favorite songs "Live Your Life" perfect #fallanthem ...

Monday Musings

Hello Afropolitans! I hope you're all enjoying the new month. Well, have I got a story for you! *Pulls out chair* Wellllll, for about a year n...

Cinema d'Afrique - Veve Trailer

Cinema d'Afrique - Veve Trailer

Blowout Earring Sale!

Blowout Earring Sale!
The Afropolitan Shop is having a huge blowout sale on earrings. 50% off! Use code: TASMAYSALE  

Reflection on Commentary on Westgate Attack

I wrote this 6 years ago soon after the Westgate attack in Kenya. In light of recent events, I'm choosing to reshare it.  September 24th, 2013-----...

Leaf Earrings

Hello Afropolitans! I've noticed that an item thats growing in popularity for every woman's wardrobe is leaf earrings. I'm thrilled! They are, with...

Fashion Show Highlight - Africa Fashion Week - London 2011

Africa Fashion Week London 2012 In case you missed it: Africa Fashion Week - London 2011

The Afropolitan Shop on CCTV

Check us out on TV! International TV Network CCTV did a feature on us with Kweli Media. How cool is that?! Here's the French Version

What is "Tribal" and "Tropical" Print?

Tribal v Tropical Photobucket

Africa Fashion Week London 2012

I really was hoping to get a chance to show at Africa Fashion Week London this year, but TAS was not able to due to scheduling conflicts ...
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